Outerspace_ A Baa Baa Blaah with Jack Runaway


We are a modest bunch at The Wandering Lamb, we indulge ourselves in this wee-little blog for the love of music from around the world.  What we also realise is that we have a responsibility to support our own.  Australia has a thriving music scene, especially of the alternative nature, and as we grow up, we intend to get behind much more local music, and along with our weekly support for Shady Lane, at the Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne, we were delighted to get behind and support yet another great Melbourne Music Event.

On the 23rd of October we are excited to get behind Flat Earth Collective and present Outer Space, bringing together three great Melbourne independant bands and three independent genres of  pop, electronic and alt-rock.

As we countdown to the 23rd of October, The Wandering Lamb decided to catch up with the bands and have a bit of  Baa Baa Blaah.

First up, we caught up with Jack Runaway as they divulged in a sad story behind the band’s name, but also talked warm tea and Peanut-butter Cups, so it’s not all bad.

What is Jack Runaway? What is the vibe like?

Jack was my pet dog, who ran away while I was living near Runaway Bay QLD. I was 8, it was sad.

The Vibe? imagine for a moment coming home from an average day of primary school, to find your puppy is no longer where you left him (perfectly within reach of your mum’s freshly hung white linen on the clothesline) , you call to him “Jack!”. But no one comes running, only a tear, down your nascent face. Translate that to sound and you get Jack Runaway!

How did it all begin?

After kicking around in Melbourne for a few years, I decided to head north. I found Joely-boy hanging out in the local rainforest. I give him food and shelter, in return he rips some riffs on the G-tar for Jack Runaway.

Give us 3 words to describe your sound.

Reese’s Peanut Buttercups….. we could go into it, but I think its best we don’t.

What do you try and bring to a live experience? What makes a live gig memorable to you?

I try to bring the raw emotion of each song that they had in the writing stage, to the actual stage. I also try to bring my mum but she’s very stubborn, and is yet to see me play live.

I seem to always remember the little things about a gig. Like my first ever live concert, I saw The Mars Volta at The Forum Theatre, and I remember Cedric was drinking warm tea out of a green mug for the entire 3hour set. In that moment I thought to myself, WOW!……. Cedric must really need to urinate.

mars volta

Any local acts you’re digging that we should know about?

So many…. Grim Fawkner, Oh Pep, The Infants, Farrow, Smiles Rifles, Flowers, those guys on Bourke st that do that Nirvana cover on violins, The guy on Brunswick st playing the Mario theme on bass while wearing a bunny suit….. so many more.

If your band were a planet, which one would you be and why?

I would have to say Pluto. Technically not even part of our solar system, and spinning away from us all on its own eccentric orbit, looking in from afar. Plus I hear that Pluto is the coolest planet.

Click here to find out more about Jack Runaway’s gig at the Public Bar with many more sweet acts on the 23rd of October.