Shady Lane featuring Kinder, Fait & Magic America_The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy 13th August 2014


Hailing from Perth, Fait is the pseudonym for the group fronted by Elise Higgins, who’s dark and brooding mix of shoegaze and post-punk instrumental wonders was featured last Wednesday as part of the Shady Lane Wednesday night gigs at the Evelyn. In Melbourne promoting her EP Atmosphere that was released in May of this year, Elise and her band came and delivered a solid performance, showing us all why she’s been getting such great attention from her latest release.

It can be pretty tough doing weekday gigs in small venues, let alone in a state that is outside of where you fan base lies. Despite this, each of the bands did a pretty stellar job despite the circumstances.

Also from WA, the evenings opening band (of which I sadly only saw the last three songs) Kinder started things of with a tight bunch of 60’s tinged pop rock tunes, reminiscent of Geelong’s Frowning Clouds or the Allah-La’s from the US. Their polished and smooth sounds were a great lead in to the night’s featured band.

All dressed in black and with a professional looking attitude to their craft, Fait where a presence not to be messed with. Having not heard any of their work previous to this gig, the five piece, headed by Elise on guitar and keys, made a big impression with their hugely layered and reverb-soaked instrumental work. Good thing you could take rest on the Evelyn’s band room couches if it all got a bit heavy for you. With the great boom and volume of shoe-gaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, or the post punk stylings and lush atmospherics of Interpol (both Elise and guitarist Mike were noted to sport Ebows, giving that trademark Interpol guitar wail), each member of the band were essential to the waves and crashes of Fait’s sound. The lack of vocals was not missed, as each element of the song was more than enough to hold the attention of the audience.

Rounding off the evening were Melbourne’s Magic America, who are releasing a double A-side single later on this month. Self-proclaimed ‘psych-rockers’, this four piece presented more of a sturdy mix of Brit Pop heavy rock songs (Magic America is also the name of a song from Blur’s influential Parklife album, which even got a spin between the bands).

With a diverse mix of bands and genres this evening, Shady Lane have done another great job of providing a platform for rising talents in both Melbourne and interstate. Without doubt the following weeks will present something for everyone, even maybe your new favourite local band.

Artist – Fait

Venue – The Evelyn Hotel