1994 – was it the most important year in musical history?


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Where were you in 1994? Where you first in line to get your trembling hands on the revolutionary new gaming console called Sony Playstation while explaining your un-containable excitement to your friend on your latest mobile phone that had an extendable antenna

Perhaps you were nestled on your sofa not realizing that the American show you were watching “Friends” would inevitable become the world’s most sucessful TV show in history. Or like many, you may have been lost in emotion laying on your bed saddened by the news of Kurt Cobain’s suicide? The state of humanity was questioned when Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Prestley and Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption would be playing at your local cinema. A lot happened in 1994 and to top it all off, it was an important year for music too with so many bands breaking into the global music field following some outstanding releases.

So why was 1994 such an important year? It is an often debated topic amongst the musically minded who were around during that time.  Here are some reasons that we think 1994 was a very good vintage:

• Major labels were happy chappies with their signed bands releasing huge earning debuts including Weezer, Outkast, Oasis, Hole, Marilyn Manson to name a few.

• Rap and Hip-Hop finally got in with the commercial charts with Outkast, Nas, Nortorious B.I.G, Warren G, Usher, Snoop Dog and Beastie Boys gaining massive radio airplay.

• The Seattle scene was still going great guns with both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden releasing Vitalogy and Superunknown respectively. Both albums went bananas with crazy record sales. Sadly with the death of Kurt Cobain, came the release of MTV Unplugged that again sold like mad but equally showed the world the exceptional talent that he was.

• Bands of the past also had a go in 1994, The Beatles released their BBC Tapes and started recording new songs for their Anthology while The Rolling Stones released Voodoo Lounge and the Eagles decided to tour.

• Take a moment to search out 1994 releases and you will be amazed on how many albums that you still love today where released almost 20 years ago to the day.

We trawled through well over 1000 worthy albums released in 1994 and managed to choose 30 albums that we loved (and still do) and those that we believe have made some impact on the musical world today.Click on each listing for a musical treat. (In no particular order)

1. Oasis Definitely Maybe

2. Portishead Dummy

3. Blur Parklife

4. Pulp His N Hers

5. Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

6. Suede Dog Man Star

7. Morrissey Vauxhall and I

8. Nick Cave and the Bad Seas Let Love In

9. REM Monster

10. Sonic Youth Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star

11. Jesus and Mary Chain Stoned and Dethroned

12. Saint Etienne Tiger Bay

13. Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

14. Primal Scream Give Out But Don’t Give Up

15. David Byrne David Byrne

16. Radiohead My Iron Lung

17. The Future Sound of London Lifeforms

18. Stereolab Mars Audiac Quintet

19. The Charlatans Up To Our Hips

20. Weezer Weezer

21. The Prodigy Music for the Jilted Generation

22. Tori Amos Under The Pink

23. Johnny Cash American Story

24. Vangelis Blade Runner

25. Beck One Foot In The Grave

26. Autechre Amber

27. Green Day Dookie

28. Superchunk Foolish

29. Mariah Carey Merry Christmas

30. Underground Lovers Dream It Down