SXSW, Austin Texas 2014_ The Wandering Lamb Rounds Up

With all the hype and excitement that comes with every South By South West event, this year also brought sad news of a dreadful accident that took innocent lives in result of foolish drink driving behaviour so our thoughts go out to those affected by this unfortunate incident.

The Wandering Lamb spent the last two weeks scouring the internet and watching their beady eyes through as much live footage (which was limited) and stories and we’d like to share with you not necessarily always our best moments, but moments nevertheless, so grab a drink, get comfortable and enjoy our picks.

1. Damon Albarn and Friends

Damon Albarn called upon Dan the Automator and Dal the Funky Homosapien Snoop Dog to play Gorillaz track “Clint Eastwood” in its purist form.

2. St Vincent Live @ Stubbs

We would expect nothing less than to see St Vincent deliver a blindingly quirky set at Stubbs. This short clip shows her performing Rattlesnake from her brilliant new album. It was hard to find much live material so enjoy this snippet.

3. Justin Beiber drops in

Okay, not a highlight so much, but we just look forward to hearing about what he got up to in Texas and wonder whether the little beauty will remember actually being there.

4. Dum Dum Girls Live

The Dum Dum Girls have had a great year and the appearance at SXSW surely added to their fan base.  This is the best clip we could find of there live show.

5. Coldplay debut new material

Every event needs its big drawer cards and Coldplay decided that SXSW would be the perfect platform to introduce their new material from their soon to be released new album“ Ghost Stories”.  With a lyric that go something like “late night watching TV, is you to be here beside me…” we reserve comment but a highlight nevertheless. A short unsteady clip below is the best we could find.

6. Lady Gaga Talks

Whether you love, like or loathe her, Lady Gaga doesn’t hold back when delivering a message.  With an hour profile chat with John Norris from Fuse she talks about life, her view on the world and her support for many things she believes such as HIV/AIDS Awareness and her own charity Born This Way Foundation, that aims to empower youth. Watch this sooner than later as many of the interviews are being removed from YouTube.

7. How to be Jarvis Cocker and Pulp the Movie

SXSW was the ideal platform for Jarvis Cocker to showcase the new rock-umentary about the lead up to their reforming homecoming gig in Sheffield ( also ran a seminar to aspiring songwriters and shared his wisdom on writing songs and performing.

For old time sake, here is the unforgettable footage of Jarvis running onstage during Michael Jacksons “God-like” performance.  Comedy value, they just don’t make them like Jarvis anymore!

8. The Pizza Underground with Maucley Caulkin

Macaulay Culkin took the stage at Buffalo Billiards club — just down the block from any number of famous 6th Street pizza eateries where he and his friends played through a set of tributes to the Velvet Underground with a very cheesy twist.  For example “Stephanie Says” became “Papa John’s Says,” “These Days” into “Cheese Days,” “Satellite of Love” into “Have a Bite of Crust,” “All Tomorrow’s Parties” into “All the Pizza Parties,” “Walk on the Wild Side” into “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice,” and so on.  Yep, this seriously happened. Having read various reviews of the gig, it was so so so very bad, that those who did stick it out, thought it was rather genius like. See for yourself.

9.  Jay-Z and Kayne West on stage together

Okay, although the music of these two commercial heavy-weights dont necessarily rock our boat, there is no denying that they are the two biggest commercial successes of the recent “music” world.  You can therefore imagine the hype that was built up when word got out that they would be back on stage together.  This does raise the question about the motive of SXSW and its certain loss of direction.  We apologise in advance for introduction commentary to this video..its not ideal but best we could find.

10. Perfect Pussy rip it up on stage and give SXSW the kick up the back-side it needed

In probably one of the shortest sets of the Festival (their debut album barely hits 30 minutes), Perfect Pussy ripped through their set and thanks to the presence of lead singer Meredith Graves, it appears that this is just what SXSW 2014 needed to ensure it supports fresh, new and necessary music.  Here is a short clip, prepare yourself they will blow your ears off.