SXSW, Austin Texas – Our Pick List for 2014


27 years ago in Austin, Texas a gathering of media moguls set up a conference to talk about Film, Music and the likes of Interactivity. Since then, the event has grown gang busters to become the worlds leading multi-media event  that show cases some of the best independent music and film the world has to offer.  The music festival element is the largest of its kind in the world and this year will see more than 2,200 regional, national and international bands playing in one of 100 venues around Austin.  You get the gist!  Its pretty big stuff! Its equally a tough time for us at Lamb HQ as all we have are live feeds, a few FB updates and a lot of trawling around the internet on a daily basis between the 11th and 16th March.  So without mopping about, we thought we would share with you our top 10 things we would do if we were there (in no particular order):

1. Jarvis Cocker Songwriting Seminar

Mr Cocker, the wonderfully talented and hilarious front man of Pulp will speak to a lucky handful of ambitious songsmith’s about the art and vision of song writing.  Jarvis-Cocker-for-Pickard-001

image: The Guardian

2. Angel Olsen Live

With the release of her new album, this will be a packed to the brim show not to be missed.

AngelOlsen - chicago mag Image: Chicagomag

3. SXSW tribute to Lou Reed

An outstanding and deserved evening of an eclectic group of artists paying their musical respects to the late Lou Reed, including Suzanne Vega, Spandau Ballet and The Black Lips. Lou Reed and Nico in the Studio

4. Itunes Festival Events

Yes we don’t want to get all Portlandia but we would be intrigued to see what ColdPlay have to offer as they debut new material from their new album.  While we are there, a good listen to London Grammar won’t go astray. london grammar

5. NPR Music Night featuring Damon Albarn and St Vincent

St.-Vincent-Surgeon-LyricsImage: SurgeonLyrics

6. Modern Outsider – Texan based record label

It would be rude not to be in Austin and not checked out the best of local talent.  Modern Outsider is Austin based record label and from what we have read, have some great artists under the belt already. tumblr_static_modout_clear

7. Support an Ozzie

It would be unfair not to travel (well we are not) all the way to Austin and not support our local talent, afterall it is great to see so many Australian Artists playing this year including Vance Joy, The Preatures, The Growl, Boy and Bear and Owl Eyes.  This year there will be 55 Australian bands playing this year. preatures -thefarlan.tvimage:

8. Did the Internet Kill The Album Review?

A fair topic and one that we want to hear about.  Four of today’s influential voices in the music review game speak about the impact the internet is having on voicing a musical opinion.   Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop) Daniel Gill (Force Field PR) Ken Inge (Dead End Hip Hop) and Myke Jamison (Dead End Hip Hop) will lead what will be an interesting topic.  We look forward to reading about this one!


9. Tilda Swinton in Conversation

The compelling and accomplished actor Tilda Swinton will drop into SXSW to chat about her two latest movies that will be shown at the festival, Only Lovers Left Behind and Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Hears hoping to a live stream or recording.

article-2465470-18CDC11800000578-379_634x479Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures

10. SXSW Meditation

SXSW organisers have arranged meditation sessions for all those to needing to rejuvenate and collect there thoughts and  assimilate all the new ideas and energy absorbed. Don’t mind if we do!